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Showing posts from October, 2009

Parting the Red Sea

Each week on Wednesday mornings we have Chapel for the Day School kids. Roughly 100 little 3-6 year olds gather together for 25 or so minutes. John is in charge of the music and I've been telling them some of the great Bible stories. This morning was Moses leading the people out of slavery in Egypt into the Promised Land. It turns out that Halloween season is a great time to find cheap frogs and bugs to rain down from heaven. I had to tone down the story a bit -- this group isn't quite ready for the killing of the first born, and while the Red Sea parted for the Hebrews and closed for the Egyptians, we didn't talk about all the army drowning. I have to admit, I like the story better this way. All the promise and redemption and deliverance without all the blood and gore. If only all of life and faith could be that neat and tidy.

Always in Progress

My rector, John, suggested that we should both have blogs to link to our Church's website. I find the idea sort of daunting, given that my only blogging experience is our family blog that we update with pictures about once a month, if we're lucky, and never can get anything looking quite right. But, like life and faith, surely blogging too can be always in progress.