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Clipping In

November 18, 2012 Pentecost 25, Proper 28 (Year B) On Monday I got back from a conference sponsored by the Episcopal Church Pension Fund.   It’s a conference that clergy get invited to after they’ve been in their ministry for a while to give us a chance to be apart from everything and evaluate how things are going in four areas of our lives:   vocation, spirituality, health, and finances.   They are called “Credo” conferences, which in Latin literally means “I give my heart.”   And my Credo conference truly lived up to its name. I got the rare and wonderful opportunity to think deeply about how I live and what I give my heart to.   As well as how I’d like to live and what I’d like to give my heart to.             It was an 8 day conference and it was incredibly full with plenary sessions on each of the subject matters, interactive workshops, small group sessions, worship, spiritual direction, meals, plus getting to know the other people in the group.   On the fourth day, we r