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Unqualified to Preach

October 7, 2012 19 Pentecost, Proper 22 (Year B) Mark 10:2-16 There’s a subject that can’t be avoided this morning, given our Old Testament and Gospel readings.   Or maybe two subjects – marriage and divorce.   I tried to avoid them – believe me.   I even thought about preaching on the this morning’s Collect, the great last hope of Episcopal preachers, but it actually ended up bringing me to the same place.   More on that later. Who knows what’s going on in any given marriage at any given time?   And how to talk about divorce when you know there are people in the room for whom that subject is nothing but painful?              And yet we need to talk about both of them, if only to clear the air.   We need to deal with the assumption by many people that marriage should be easy and that they are alone in finding it difficult if we have any hope of strengthening the couples in our midst.   And we need to deal with the discomfort and pain of divorce so that we can be a commun