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Fish, rocks and Nikki Giovanni

Easter 3 April 10, 2016 John 21:1-19 Earlier this month, I saw on Facebook that the Standing Commission on Liturgy for the Episcopal Church had just approved for trial use a supplement to the Eucharist.  It allows for the addition of fish to the usual elements of bread and wine.  I, perhaps oddly, did not think much about that news until I started working on my sermon for today and read our Gospel story.  The Gospel of John doesn’t have Jesus hand out bread and wine as part of the Last Supper story; this post-resurrection breakfast of bread and fish that we hear today is the closest it gets to the Eucharist in John’s Gospel.  So I went looking again for that Facebook article, interested to see how this resurrection breakfast had been incorporated into the Eucharist.  It wasn’t until I got to the part in the article about finding “sustainable seafood” and “liturgically-appropriate” types of fish and avoiding “distracting fish odors” that it occurred to me to go back to the to