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Having trouble getting to Easter...

Easter 2011 St. Aidan’s Church John 20:1-18 I’ve decided that preaching on Easter Sunday is tricky business. Especially in a congregation like St. Aidan's, which in its very mission statement claims its identity as “a place that strives to welcome people wherever they are on their faith journey.” The church this morning is full of people at different places along their faith journeys, including many who might describe themselves as having more questions than faith. And yet here we are this morning confronted with the most mind-bogglingly impossible part of the Bible. Today we proclaim with loud voices and exclamation points the things that are the hardest to believe, the things for which we have absolutely no scientific proof. All we have are the sometimes conflicting accounts written decades after their occurrence and the heart-felt experiences of generations of believers. And to tell you the truth, I’ve spent most of this past week flummoxed by the prospect of this sermon